Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 Free Key Serial

One of the essential security software to detect and remove all existing infections and to protect you from future threats, permanently. You’d be surprised how many attacks your PC is exposed to every day.

Neutralises attacks as they happen. Monitors application behavior and prevents even not yet classified threats such as zero-day exploits. Combines two scan engines.

Prevents access to malicious websites. Handles all security issues automatically.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 Key Features

  • Real-time protection.
  • Behaviour Blocker.
  • On-Access Guard.
  • Multi-Engine Scanner.
  • Customisable whitelist.
  • Web protection.
  • Game mode.
  • Self-protection.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 Key Benefits

  • Combines two powerful scan engines to achieve the best protection
  • Detects more than 10.000.000 threats
  • Protects you against online identity theft
  • Much faster and lighter than current antivirus programs
  • Neutralizes zero-day threats through smart Behavior Blocker
  • Does not slow down your PC
  • Ensures secure web browsing
  • Includes a Game mode so you can play (or surf) without interruptions
  • Is easy-to-use, especially for novice users.
  • Delivers real-time protection and monitoring
  • Comes with a money back guarantee – buy with confidence

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